Gender Pay Gap

At Hackett we believe in having the best people for the job, regardless of their gender, age, race or anything else!



We are proud to have a near equal split of women and men working for us across the business and we strive to provide careers with a variety of roles and hours for everyone. Whilst our core customers may be male, we understand that a successful company should be truly inclusive and at Hackett our key focus is on ensuring we pay men and women equally for equivalent positions. We are a creative and dynamic business, supporting men and women to develop to the best of their potential and are committed to ensuring our policies and opportunities are fair and equitable for all.

As of the snapshot date 5th April 2018 the data below shows:

  • Our employees in four equal sized pay quartiles. The calculations show the percentage of males and females in each of these quartiles.
  • Our overall mean and median bonus pay gap and bonus percentage held by men and women
  • Our gender pay gap:
    LOWER63.5% male, 35.5% female
    LOWER MIDDLE50.7% male | 49.3% female
    UPPER MIDDLE43.2% male | 56.8% female
    UPPER61.6% male | 38.4% female

      The difference in ‘mean’ bonus payments is 46.5% (higher for men)

      The difference in ‘median’ bonus payments is 13.4% (higher for men)

      The proportion of male employees in receipt of a bonus is 56.7%

      The proportion of female employees in receipt of a bonus is 39.8%

      The overall ‘mean’ gender pay gap is 21.6% (lower for women)

      The overall ‘median’ gender pay gap is -4.7% (lower for men)


    We have in place clear guidance and principles around equality and diversity and as we go forward we will continue to focus on women having the same opportunities for roles as men. We are investing more in talent development to help nurture future talent and greater role-modelling for all our teams, this approach is just part of our constant evolution. It is important for us to diligently strive to maintain a culture inspiring innovation and diversity at every level within our organisation and amongst our leaders for the future.

    I can confirm that the data within this report is accurate.

    Christian Meyer, Brand Director