WHO: Dominic Hamdy & Oliver Hiam, both 29
WHAT: Co-founders of Scotchtails, Lundenwic & Crispin

“I think my best piece of advice for someone starting out would be to take as much advice as possible from other people who have been there before.” Dominic Hamdy

For HKT’s newest collection, we’re spotlighting a curated selection of London’s most unique and creative entrepreneurs. These are the men of tomorrow who are leading their generation through change and innovation. First up in the series are Dominic Hamdy & Oliver Hiam, co-founders of Scotchtails, Lundenwic & Crispin.


The idea for all three of Dominic and Oliver’s businesses was born out of passion for proper food made with the freshest ingredients. Newly out of university, the friends decided to swap the pre-packaged scotch eggs they devoured from their local supermarket for their own homemade creations and from there their first venture, Scotchtails, was born.

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“We started as a bit of a laugh and then it's just developed naturally.”
Oliver Hiam


Scotchtails, a company dedicated to creating the most delicious artisan scotch eggs, first launched at London’s historical Berwick Street Market before moving to Borough Market in 2013. 2015 then saw the duo take on their next venture, Lundenwic, a speciality coffee shop on Aldwych serving coffee, salads, sandwiches and freshly baked goods. As if that wasn’t enough, they most recently launched Crispin in 2018, an all-day café serving small plates, natural wine and coffee.

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When it comes to their personal style, both Dominic and Oliver blend the smart with the casual by mixing together open shirts and T-shirts, statement stripes, classic round neck jumpers and on-trend cord trousers for a touch of nostalgia.

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