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Personal Tailoring

If you're looking for a ready-to-wear suit that has the finishing touches to fit you like a glove, our personal tailoring service is just what you need.

These suits are partially machine made and you have the options of half or full canvassed available with the Personal Tailoring service. This gives you the flexibility of the internal finish that you desire.

The Personal Tailoring suits all follow our different cuts: classic Chelsea, Mayfair and City or the more modern Windsor and Belgravia cuts are now available. After choosing the cut you prefer you get to customise your suit both internally and externally which allows you to to choose up to 60% of the features to really make this your suit. If desired, the lining, interior workmanship, buttons and pockets of the chosen garment can be selected from an extensive range of styles.

The Hackett Personal Tailoring service is available at the following stores:

UK: London - Canary Wharf, King Street, Jermyn Street, Old Broad Street, One New Change, Regent Street, Sloane Street, Westfield & Edinburgh.

Europe: France - Paris, Spain - Madrid & Barcelona, Portugal - Lisbon, Belgium - Brussels & Knokke, Netherlands - Amsterdam, Germany: Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg & Düsseldorf, Sweden - Stockholm.

Personal Tailoring Journey

1. Your first appointment with your tailoring consultant will take your measurements and take you on a journey of creating the ideal suit for you from a vast selection of cuts and finishes. We will update you every 3 weeks on the progress of your order through the factory.

2. Approximately 6 weeks after the first appointment your order will arrive in store and you will be booked in for an appointment with your tailoring consultant for a fitting. This is your opportunity to fine tune your suit to get the fit you desire with guidance from our team of what would work best for everyday wear.

3. Your final fitting is usually a week or so later where your suit is now completely finished internally and externally. Once again we will check the fit and that everything is to your tastes and from there you can start enjoying your beautifully made suit.

Male model in a tailored suit

Single Breasted Suit

Wearing a tailored suit is a decision to look one’s very best. The cut of the cuff, the line of the leg - a classic three-piece is the backbone to every gentleman’s wardrobe. With an abundance of options from head to toe, we will help you craft a timeless investment.

Male model in a tailored single breasted suit

Double Breasted Suit

Our flagship stores carry in excess of seven thousand cloths, and our other stores around four thousand. Every commission has its own requirement. So whether you’re after the finest winter mohair, or the simplest summer cotton, allow us to weave our magic.

Male model in a tailored double breasted suit


The extravagant softness of a beautifully cut velvet jacket is always eye catching, offering a sumptuous alternative to ordinary evening attire. Team your jacket with a crisp white shirt, bow tie and bold tartan trousers to really make a statement.

Male model in a tailored formal suit

Covert Coats

Exclusive to Sloane Street Flagship and Madrid Store, our covert coats offer attention to detail befitting their style legacy. Four tram lines on the sleeve, a center vent, plus your options for pockets, button finish and collar. For a design that’s lasted a century, we offer tailoring that will last a lifetime.

Male model in a tailored covert coat


An English classic throughout, from weave to stitch. The craftsmanship of our ties really is a thing of beauty. Choose from thirty-eight silks, cut to the length and width you desire. A hand-finished monogram, unique ever y time, is available in fifty-six different silk threads. A truly individual statement, and an exceptional gift for someone special.

Close up of a tie being sewed


Handmade in England, our elegant solid silver cufflinks complete your ensemble. Oval or round cufflinks are available. Our hand-enamelled cufflinks are individually fired, and finished with your monogram in a choice of three fonts. Our chain cufflinks can also be engraved with your monogram.

Close up of cufflinks

Canvas Explained

The Full Canvas Suit

Full Canvas suits are constructed with a layer of horsehair canvas under a wool fabric shell. The canvas holds the shape of your suit keeping it from sagging or deforming. The canvas is cut to the jacket’s shape and the wool is stitched to it. Over time, the canvas allows the suit fabric to mould to the body forming a faultless fit. Longevity is achieved through disturbing tension at stress points allowing your suit breathe and you to move freely.

The Half Canvas Suit

Half Canvas suits only run through the chest and lapel of the jacket, the rest of the jacket is fused. This comes at a lower cost and less bubbling problems adding to its lifespan. The canvassing ensures structure in the upper part of your jacket allowing it to drape naturally across the chest.

Part of a tailored suit on a mannequin

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