Jeremy Hackett's City Rhythm

A day in the life of our founder

The city constantly evolves; move to your own rhythm. Taking the lead, and us through a typical day in London town, our founder - Jeremy Hackett.

The Morning

'If I had to sit in the office all day, I would go completely mad. Nevertheless, my morning will usually start there and once I have tied up any loose ends, I’ll find myself in one of our shops. Jermyn Street being a particular favourite of mine.

Breakfast meetings usually take place at Francos, – or if alone, I’ll sit out the front and take it all in, watching the hustle of Londoners, moving from place to place hurriedly. Depending on my mood, I may have a little cigar.'

'Between my morning meetings I often find myself at Battersea Park. The city can feel extremely concrete if you let it, it is very important I find the time to take in the air and some green – and walk the dogs, of course.'

Jeremy Hackett walking dogs

The Afternoon

'The Beaumont is wonderful for a spot of lunch. I’ll often combine meetings with dining – a far more relaxing affair. Eating delicious food is a bonding experience, I find you get a lot more done than sitting in an office setting.'

'My afternoons are usually full of meetings in different places, Browns being a regular haunt, I find myself hopping in and out of black London cabs quite often. I find these to be fantastic way to see the city, with every corner offering a new perspective.'

Jeremy Hackett reading newspaper