A day with Jeremy Hackett

Top to tail in a Prince of Wales, three piece check suit with his loyal pup, Harry at his feet Jeremy Hackett is one gentleman who is extremely hard to ignore. Often found residing at the corner of London’s Sloane Square, steaming coffee to his mouth and a broadsheet in his eye line, it can never be said this is a man who doesn’t know how to live.

‘I probably favour winter, granted’ Jeremy laughs, delicately placing his coffee cup back onto the marble table. ‘One word: tweed.’ The Hackett founder couldn’t look more perfectly situated as he sits at one of his favourite London Sunday morning haunts, Colbert cafe. A London boy through and through, Jeremy knows the city like the back of his hand, making his leisure time just as much an art form as his work. ‘The wonderful thing about the hustle and bustle of London is it makes you appreciate when you catch moments of stillness and tranquillity. That’s why I love galleries.’

Jeremy Hackett on phone

A devoted David Hockney fan, Jeremy speaks of the newest exhibition at the Tate Britain opening from the 9 th February 2017, ‘it’s a unique opportunity to see all of his extraordinary works in one place, not to be missed – believe me.’

Jeremy Hackett reading newspaper

Speaking of his new found love of technology, he admits it took him a while to embrace the digital age, 'What can i say, I have been dragged into the 21st Century'. His most specific admiration coming in the form of Instagram, he says ‘it is a sort of interesting way of doing market research, I suppose,’ Jeremy’s Instagram feed has been continually active since early 2016, ‘for me, art is about conveying a feeling, a moment, an intense emotion, in whatever media that may be.’

Jeremy Hackett with dog