A taste of Valentine’s

Dear lovers, your man is sophisticated. He’s witty. He’s cool-headed, well-mannered and impeccably dressed. It would be trite to assume the way to his heart is through his stomach…or would it? Even the modern gentleman appreciates a good dinner, and no gentleman would be opposed to being taken out on Valentine’s Day. So, whether you’re navigating the first waves of lust, or resting on the steady shores of love, discover the perfect restaurant to fill both his stomach and his heart.

Like Him

Early days, those precious first months falling into the scope of cupid’s aim? Keep it relaxed - dinner and a movie is what you want. Not sit down, flick out your white napkin under the table, dinner - but good old grab a serviette, perch on a barstool grub. Half an hour of food and conversation, and he’s ready for that old French romance at the cinema. May we suggest:

Poppie’s Fish & Chips

Run by born and bred East-Ender Pat ‘Pop’ Newland, and using catch of the day delivered straight from Pop’s chum at Billingsgate. Pure Bow-Bells charm. Spitalfields/Soho/Camden.

fish and chips


Feel like the romance of the continent to warm your chilly, February heart? Then the Pizze, Salumi, and Antipasti at Lardo is almost as good as a trip to Italy. Hackney.


Love Him

Cupid has released his bow, and the arrow was right on target. If life is about experiences, then love is about experience shared. Take him somewhere unique, where cooking is art, and food is…well, everything. May we suggest:


Smoke gets in your eyes, and Rök is all about smoke. Using seasonal produce and the age old culinary techniques of Northern Europe, all lovingly cooked over fire. Shoreditch/Islington.

array of food dishes


Chef Eduardo is from Amalfi, where sun caresses the skin and romance permeates the soul. His concept revolves around an open kitchen - just like that of his grandmother’s in Naples. Now that’s pure love. Marylebone.

salad in black bowl

He’s The One

You’ve bought a sofa together, and maybe even a cat, and you spend the chilly evenings leading to Valentine’s curled up in blissful comfort. But familiarity does not mean the death of excitement, it is often the birth of great discovery. Romance is an ever changing journey, with many magnificent destinations. May we suggest:

Clos Maggiore

“A garden saw I, full of blossomy boughs”, wrote Chaucer in the world’s first Valentine’s poem. Could this be the world’s most romantic restaurant? Featuring a forest of white flowers, and a wine list to impress the most dedicated sommelier. Covent Garden.

outside resturant with blossom