Shoe-care Wisdom

Our top tips for looking after your shoe.

Shoes are our sturdy foundations. A good pair will see you through life’s hills and valleys, rain or shine. We’d like to advise the modern gent on all aspects of sartorial detail, so let’s start with some pearls of shoe-care wisdom.

Come Rain or Shine

...Or rain. With a little attention, British style is effortless in all weathers. When caught in a downpour, stuff your shoes with newspaper once you arrive home, and leave them to dry in a warm spot away from direct heat. Always leave wet shoes on their sides - that will avoid water collecting in a welted sole, and therefore speed up the drying process.

end of a shoe

Care Grows on Trees

...Shoe trees. In the evening, slip a pair into your shoes to maintain their shape. The unvarnished wood acts as a wick, drawing out excess moisture from the day, and keeping the leather smelling fresh. This daily observance is a simple step, and will keep your shoes in good nick for years to come.

shoe with shoe tree

To Polish is to Cherish

....Ideally everyday. With laces out, brush off any dirt and wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Whilst still on their trees to keep the uppers taught, work in a dab of polish or wax with a soft cloth (for the contours of full grain leather, use a small bristle brush instead). Finally, buff with a clean cloth, working on small areas at a time with a firm but gentle hand. For those of us who’ve neglected a daily polish (...we all coyly raise our hands), we advise: Once you’ve applied a good coat, leave the shoes overnight to nourish before buffing. Don’t scrub too hard, let your cloth or brush do the work - you don’t want to crack the leather’s natural barrier.

hackett shoe polish and brush

Final Tips

Rotate your shoes every few days to give them a break. Quality footwear can last a lifetime if cared for properly. And, as with all timeless style, a good shoe gets better with age.

shoes in shoe bag