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Morning dress, black tie or ‘no-dress-code-specified’ informal? Making sense of the various wedding guest dress codes for men can bring even the most sartorially confident out in a cold sweat. But fear not, help is at hand with our easy to follow guide on what to wear, whatever the invitation.

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Morning wear

A very formal daytime wedding

Black or grey? That is the question – and there is no right or wrong answer. If you’re after a truly traditional look, stick with all black paired with a tonally harmonious waistcoat to create an impeccably finished look.

An all grey outfit is a more modern option, but still works just as well. Stick with a three piece suit in a paler shade for a more impactful entrance.

Split shot of men in morning wear, including a close up of the suits cuff and a man smiling holding a vintage camera

If you feel tempted to get creative with your accessories – don’t. A white shirt and plain black Oxfords are the order of the day, paired with soft, elegant tones for the trimmings.

Smiling man in formal suit sat inside wedding photobooth whilst holding its curtain and peering out

Black tie

A formal wedding in the late afternoon or early evening

If an invitation specifies a ‘dinner jacket’ or ‘tuxedo’, it is usually black tie – and in the world of formal menswear, that’s a good thing. And unlike morning dress, you’ve got a little more scope for experimentation.

The most traditional, and some would say most stylish, option is a single or double-breasted dinner jacket with silk or satin lapels, paired with matching trousers, a crisp white shirt and a black or grey silk bow tie. Accessorise accordingly, but if in doubt, keep it classic.

Split shot of man in black tie, one smiling and one close up

Aficionados will appreciate the art of a self-tie bow tie – which allows you to let it hang rakishly undone come the midnight hour - but partners and fellow guests will no doubt prefer the punctuality afforded by the time-saving ease of the pre-tied variety. Both are acceptable so go with your skill set.

Close up shot of mens trouser, socks and shoes sat in wedding photobooth

No dress code specified

A relaxed summer wedding

Perhaps the most tricky of all dress codes. Look to your hosts (and the tone of the invitation) for style pointers, but if in doubt, opt for the classic good looks of a navy single-breasted suit. Pair with a crisp plain shirt and classic accessories and you won’t go far wrong, whatever your fellow guest are wearing.

Split shot of man in relaxed wedding suit with a close up and full length

Summer wedding should be approached with a dash formal swagger - balanced with a nod to ease and comfort. Look to travel suits and ‘Journey’ shirts to keep looking fresh and crease free all day long. Do experiment with lighter fabrications and paler shades, but be cautious of anything that might crumple or mark in the heat.

Man in suit smiling peering through photobooth with cocktail in hand