What to wear to a winter wedding

As with every other important event, dressing for a winter wedding comes with a specific set of rules that shouldn’t be ignored. So, no matter what kind of wedding you’re going to – whether traditional, contemporary or anything in between – follow this definitive guide to be the best dressed gentleman at any wedding.

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For traditional English weddings: Morning wear

The most traditional weddings will more than likely require that you wear a morning suit, a quintessentially English outfit that’s hard to beat. Choose from grey or black tails and to keep up with tradition, pair your jacket of choice with timeless striped morning trousers. Add a flair of personality through your accessories and waistcoat: pick a light-hued waistcoat to balance out the darkness of the suit and pair together with a standout tie, pocket square and cufflinks.

For a modern wedding: Lounge suits

If you’re attending a more modern and relaxed wedding, you’ll likely be asked to wear a lounge suit. A confusing term for an everyday two-piece, the lounge suit should provide you the perfect opportunity to inject your own personal style. For winter, pick heavier and more luxurious fabrics such as flannel and wool, and opt for autumnal hues to match the season. Pair with a classic shirt, knitted tie and sharp leather shoes for outstanding additions to modern tailoring.

For an evening wedding: Black tie

When it comes to an evening wedding or nuptials taking place abroad, you’ll likely be asked to wear black tie. A word of warning, though: never make assumptions. Unless the invite clearly states to wear your tuxedo, don’t risk it. Traditional black tie has connotations of luxury and stature, so you can be sure that you’ll feel like the ultimate gentleman. For an even more sophisticated look, opt for a velvet dinner jacket and pair it with a bold, patterned pocket square to keep things elevated this winter.