The Best Ways to Wear Winter Blazers for Men

A trusted blazer is undoubtedly a men’s style staple throughout the year, but especially in winter. During the chilly days and dark nights, this classic item lets us look perfectly polished while still staying warm, and the variety of cuts, colours, and fabrics means that our outfits will always stand out in a crowd. With so much choice available, we can style our winter blazers in endless different ways.

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Winter blazer styles
Winter blazer fabrics
How a winter blazer should fit a man
What to wear with a casual blazer this winter
How to wear a winter blazer formally

If you’re in need of some fashion inspiration for the colder months, read on to learn everything there is to know about styling your winter blazer.

Winter blazer styles: Casual blazers for men

A blazer is one of the most versatile items a man can have in his wardrobe, so you don’t need to limit their outings to just the most upmarket events in your winter calendar. A blazer with chinos or jeans and knitwear is the ultimate smart-casual look, and suitable for all occasions, whether that’s dinner for two or office Christmas drinks. The best casual winter blazers for men strike the perfect balance between relaxed and refined, so unstructured designs, typically without heavy shoulder pads or linings, often work best.

Formal blazers for men

You can’t go wrong wearing a slick winter blazer to any important events during the colder months. A jacket with clean, sharp shapes and shoulder pads will convey effortless sophistication, and look even smarter when matched to your trousers. Single-breasted styles may be the norm, but extra special events may warrant a double-breasted winter blazer. These come with two columns of buttons to accommodate the large amount of fabric at the front of the jacket and are the more formal option of the two cuts.

Winter blazer fabrics: Wool

Wool is the perfect material to fight the winter chill with. You’re sure to stay warm, thanks to the fabric’s ability to retain heat, but they’re also breathable, so you won’t have to worry about any unseemly sweat patches. Since you’ll be relying on your blazer throughout the season, maximise its wearability by choosing classic colours. Navy and black will likely match the rest of your winter wardrobe, though greens and grey blazers are just as versatile.


Like wool, tweed is a durable, heavyweight fabric that’s ideal for when the temperature drops. Enhanced by its soft texture, this material looks decidedly dapper in plain block colours, or as an eye-catching checked blazer for modern men. A casual brown tweed blazer helps elevate any everyday winter outfit—especially when combined with chunky knitwear and suede boots. However, this traditional material also makes a charming addition to a standard suit and tie combination.



Known for their luxurious quality, velvet blazers are strictly formal menswear items. It takes an especially daring gentleman to flaunt this fabric, though, as it’s guaranteed to attract attention, and also very easy to get wrong. However, when styled correctly in a striking winter hue like dark green, this can bring a unique splash of colour to a pared-back ensemble, while a black velvet blazer may be an easier way to pull this look off.


Yes, cotton is normally a go-to summer fabric, but bear with us. When you need some winter layering, this lightweight material is just the ticket. For instance, a beige crew-neck sweater is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed navy blazer. As cotton is so thin, there’ll be room for you to throw on your favourite winter coat as well. All in all, you’ll look seriously stylish, be comfortably warm, and be able to move more freely than you would in a heavy-duty winter blazer.


How a winter blazer should fit

Whether you’re going for a casual or formal look, tailored pieces like blazers must always follow the contours of your body to avoid looking sloppy.

Perfect-fitting men’s blazers will fall smoothly around the shoulders, which means there would be no straining on the seam where the shoulder pad and arm meet. If it’s too big, the shoulders will appear overly broad, giving you an unflattering, lumpy silhouette. A poor fit will probably also make the sleeves either too long or too short. Ideally, they should end about a quarter of an inch above the top of your hand, allowing your winter blazer to showcase a little of your shirt or jumper.

And while it’s up to you to decide how you want your winter blazer to fall, it’s generally recommended that the material ends one to two inches above the top of your thighs. The perfect length will neither fully expose, or extend past your behind.

What to wear with a casual blazer this winter

Casual blazers are the best way to add a touch of class to a dressed-down outfit, so pick a jacket in a relaxed style and make sure the rest of your look is just as informal. A winter blazer with jeans or laid-back chinos is a match made in heaven, and picking slimmer styles will help you match with well-fitted tailoring. Black looks great with everything, however, blue evokes a classic, preppy vibe which can create a sense of youthful fun during those grey winter days.

You’ll probably be living in your knitwear during the coldest season, so it’s a good thing these pieces work so well with casual blazers. You could layer one over a shirt and woolly v-neck jumper, or even over a cardigan and T-shirt. However, if you look best in a button-up, why not experiment with a checked print instead? Reds and greens are perfect for winter, and both shades will be enhanced by a navy blazer. As for footwear, winter is the time to show off your most luxurious boots. Dark colours in materials like leather and suede are preferable. Keen to make a statement? Slip into a cool pair of trainers for an easygoing aesthetic.

How to wear a winter blazer formally

Wearing a blazer at formal events is easy, as you can always match them to your trousers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat them as a statement piece. As well as experimenting with interesting fabrics like tweed and velvet, you’re free to play around with colours and plump for a blue, brown, or even a white blazer. If you fancy some added interest, you could mismatch your jacket and trousers altogether. Slim-fitting burgundy trousers will always look sleek and smart with a navy or black winter blazer. As for shoes, it might be a bit too nippy for loafers, so Oxfords, Derbys, and brogues will likely be the footwear of choice.

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