As a young man working on Savile Row during the 1960s, Jeremy Hackett became fascinated by the quintessential British attire of the early 20th century gentleman. By 1983, he had opened his first store selling second-hand clothes on the King's Road, Chelsea. It was here that he began creating his own garments by merging traditional styles with modern cuts, perfect for those seeking Savile Row style - without the associated cost.

“I started by scouring the flea markets in Portobello, buying unique pieces of English clothing. I opened up a tiny store in a residential area and the success was instantaneous. People lined up to see what I had bought that day and it was incredible. It also didn't look like a second-hand store, but a very clean, beautiful gentleman's boutique. The time came when I couldn't meet the demands of all of our customers, so I opened a store next door and manufactured new pieces that emulated the classic designs. That's how Hackett London was born.”

Since then, Hackett has grown to sit at the forefront of traditionally-inspired menswear, with a dedicated global following. Today, Hackett has over 160 stores in more than 30 countries and various specific tailoring lines including Hackett No.14 Savile Row, an expert line of British tailoring; Hackett London, a diverse wardrobe of separates; and Hackett Sport, a new collection launched in 2023 to dress the off-duty Hackett man.

Hackett is also proud to have partnered with many like-minded brands, all of whom share the same ethos, quality and tradition as we do, such as British Army Polo, Henley Royal Regatta and Aston Martin.