Responsible Materials

Better Cotton™

We are proud members of Better Cotton™. Better Cotton suppliers farm sustainably, using minimal water, fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic Cotton

In terms of sustainable fabrics, organic cotton builds and retains organic matter in the soil, while minimizing air, ground and water contamination. It is a traceable textile that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Recycled Textiles

Whenever possible, Hackett endeavours to use recycled cotton, polyester and nylon in the production of its new collections to give new life to old fabrics.

Lyocell & Viscose

Sustainable Lyocell and Viscose are a fibre obtained from wood pulp, harvested from sustainably managed forests that minimize the use of fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.


Wiser Wash®

Certified by Control Union, Wiser Wash denim is manufactured using a responsible water management process that eliminates the use of pumice stones and toxic chemicals. The result is a significant reduction in the environmental footprint of our garments, which helps improve biodiversity and soil health, achieved by decreasing the amount of water and energy consumed in the washing process.

Responsible Leather

Hackett strives to use sustainable leather manufactured in certified facilities that generate the lowest environmental impact in its production process.

Animal Welfare

Responsible Wool

We use responsible wool in our garments, sourced from farmers that meet rigorous animal welfare and land management requirements according to Responsible Wool Standard.

Join the fight for a better Earth and follow our sustainability journey.

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